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The preschool educational institution "The educational and correctional garden "Children With Future" is an exclusive correctional institution for children with the early children's autism (ECA), autistic type features, delay of speech development and psychoverbal development, a hyperactivity (SDVG). This is the sophisticated system of training and education taking into account individual differences and developmental level of each child.

Efficiency of our teaching techniques and study materials is already tried and tested. Using game like method allows picking a child’s interest and sensitizing him on training. We are not only engaged in training and child development, but we also teach him to communicate with equals in age and manage every day life independently. All our professional activity is intended to empowerment for creative and personal development, to become more bright and clever, to get confidence and skills of independence to each child who gets to the environment of pleasure and love of our kindergarten.

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Секреты нашего меню

меню для аутистов

Наше меню - безглютеновое и безказеиновое. Глютен – это белок пшеничной, ржаной, овсяной и ячменной круп, - плотная, липкая масса. Казеин –  белок молока животных. У здоровых людей он расщепляется полностью и выводится.
В организме аутичного человека данные белки не перевариваются, а оставляют после себя отходы, которые превращаются в пептиды, - они и поражают проницаемые кишечные стенки. По строению и действию внутри организма пептиды похожи на наркотические морфиноподобные вещества – они негативно влияют на центральную нервную систему.  

Тестирование прошли – пишем индивидуальные программы

пишем индивидуальные программы

Три раза в год наши воспитанники проходят тестирование с целью написания (для новых учеников) или корректировки (для тех, кто с нами давно) индивидуальных программ развития. Первое тестирование, которое традиционно мы проводим в сентябре, наши малыши вместе с педагогами прошли успешно. Теперь – дело за новыми и обновленными программами, по которым мы будем работать в ближайшие три-четыре месяца до следующего тестирования.

11 и 12 октября у нас медицинский профосмотр

клиника «Добробут» проводит профосмотр детей с аутизмом

11 и 12 октября в садике наш партнер – клиника «Добробут» - проводит профосмотр наших воспитанников. Это ежегодная традиция, которая длится уже много лет. ЛОР, окулист, хирург, гастроэнтеролог, эндокринолог и, конечно, педиатр проведут профилактический осмотр каждого ребенка и предоставят родителям соответствующие рекомендации. Кроме осмотра дети сдают анализы (кровь, моча, кал), а также проходят в обязательном порядке кардиограмму.

Поздравляем с Днем Учителя!!!

Наши педагоги - одна из самых больших ценостей нашего садика. Мы их очень ценим, любим и уважаем. Дорогие наши, благодарим вас за наставничество и поддержку наших особенных детей и вклад в их развитие! Сегодня в нашей стране происходят значительные перемены и вместе с вами мы сделаем все возможное, чтобы качественное образование было доступно каждому. Как дошкольное, так и школьное.

Любим вас!!!!

"I propose to experiment with flat cakes from corn, buckwheat, amaranth and other flour" - recipes by "Master Shef" jury Tatiana Litvinova

рецепты "МастерШефа" Татьяны Литвиновой

“I suggest experimenting with flat cakes from corn, buckwheat, amaranth and other flour. Children will like burritos, meat and fish balls with vegetables, baked in the oven”. Such "tasty" advice from Tatyana Litvinova was received by our chefs during her first visit to our kindergarten. She also suggested introducing more seasonal vegetables and adding spices that help digestion.

Tatiana Litvinova, a member of the jury from the TV show "MasterStef", will develop a gluten-free menu for our children

Член жюри «МастерШеф» Татьяна Литвинова

On September 20, our kindergarten will be visited by Tatiana Litvinova, culinary specialist, restaurateur, TV presenter, jury of the "MasterShef".

Tatiana will develop a new menu for our pupils. In our kindergarten, all children adhere to a gluten-free and decaf diet. Many children with special developmental needs are obliged to have such diet because of concomitant disorders of the digestive tract. As soon as their stomach starts to work normally and ceases to hurt, they improve both behavior and learning. Therefore, we pay special attention to nutrition.

С новым учебным годом!

новый учебный 2017-2018 год в садике для детей аутистов

Друзья, наш садик вместе с садиками и школами всей страны начал новый учебный год! Мы уверены, что он откроет много интересного и полезного для наших малышей и их родителей. В этом году самому  маленькому нашему воспитаннику 1год и 7 месяцев!

Встречайте августовский "Аутизм сегодня!"

журнал Аутизм сегодня август 2017 года

В свежем выпуске журнала "Аутизм Сегодня" родители детей с аутизмом рассказывают об эффективности программы «Наша дитина» - конкретные истории людей, которые опробовали программу на своих детях и получили очень приятные результаты.

“Improvements are visible everywhere gradually”, – tells mom from Kharkiv. Program “Nasha dytyna” (Our child) is in action

Autumn is coming, and we receive lots of questions from families with special kids from all over Ukraine. Questions about our programs, opportunities of independent work with autistic child and correction of his behavior.

We always try to convey to parents the importance of independent trainings with a child, self-discipline of parents; though a real progress in development is possible only under guidance of experienced specialists. Thanks to special project “Nasha dytyna” we are opening new opportunities for families who bring up children with autism.

At present our meal is not only from the blender, - tells mom Olesya

We`ve managed to communicate to Olesya Kvochka, mother of 7-years old Lilya, from Uzhgorod on the very last day of their presence at our preschool. Lilya has been studied since 27, March till the end of July within the frames of the program “Nasha dytyna” (Our child), which works for families from regions at our preschool.

Our graduates: beauty Amina

Amina is 6 and she is our constant guest. First time Amina came to us from other country in 2015.Then Amina pleased us with a big leap in development.  Today she already can speak and understand directed speech. She has become a smarty, she is independent in everyday life. She eats well and brings joy to parents and grandfathers-grandmothers 😊

Our Vlad is a future first grader!

1.5 years of education in our preschool have led to improvement of Vlad`s skills, so they began to correspond to his 7 years. Now he speaks and uses whole phrases in speech. Surely, all this has strongly affected his communication to other children. Vlad has learnt to play with other children and he is striving after peers.

Within the frames of academic training Vlad has mastered alphabet, count to 10, he can brag about skills of syllable reading!

Our graduates: Sasha elder goes to school

Sasha is 7 and for the last 6 months he has been studied with specialists of our preschool according to the program “Nasha dytyna” (Our child). We have been preparing  for school. For this time he gained skills which are necessary at school.  Sasha starts communication first. He gained skills of self-service skills. He has “tasted” knowledge and now he is interested in everything new. Sasha has significantly increased concentration of attention, since at school it is imperative, isn`t it?

Is it possible to become a graduate after three months of education? Yes, it is!

Lyova has been studying in our preschool within three-month program “Nasha dytyna” (Our child). Are three months enough? Probably, not. But it is possible to achieve a lot if to do everything properly! Lyova has learnt to control himself and to respond to emotions of an interlocutor. Now he can play together with other children, unless he is interested in it. He has started to use speech in communication. He has become self-independent in everyday life and he got rid of aggression.