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The preschool educational institution "The educational and correctional garden "Children With Future" is an exclusive correctional institution for children with the early children's autism (ECA), autistic type features, delay of speech development and psychoverbal development, a hyperactivity (SDVG). This is the sophisticated system of training and education taking into account individual differences and developmental level of each child.

Efficiency of our teaching techniques and study materials is already tried and tested. Using game like method allows picking a child’s interest and sensitizing him on training. We are not only engaged in training and child development, but we also teach him to communicate with equals in age and manage every day life independently. All our professional activity is intended to empowerment for creative and personal development, to become more bright and clever, to get confidence and skills of independence to each child who gets to the environment of pleasure and love of our kindergarten.

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Registration for a new school year is open!

Hooray! Graduation party! Our graduates would have ran off of the school with such joyful screams if they`d been a little bit elder 😊  And we feel as gladdened as a little sadness because kids are graduating our pre-school and enter either normative kindergartens or schools, it depends. We’ve achieved a lot together and we are confident that children will reach much more in the future.

We’re opening a new registration for a new school year. Waiting for everyone to pass an interview! Call, ask your questions, come over. Our director Natalia Vitalievna will answer all your questions and will provide a consultation 050 352 90 97.

Our pre-school has published Questionnaire of child’s development – an instrument, which will promote to create the program of development

Friends, we would like to bring to your attention a unique authorial elaboration – the Questionnaire of child’s development. This is an instrument which can be compared with the one we already use in everyday work, and one the basis of which we create an individual program of child’s development. Now any specialist or parent can use this instrument in his work.

Director of pre-school “Child with future” told about early interference on air of Doctor Komarovskiy School

Director of pre-school “Child with future” Natalia Struchek was invited to speak as an expert while shooting of  Doctor Komarovskiy School, which was devoted to autism. The following themes were discussed: the common features of children with autism, the importance of identifying characteristics of the child at an early stage, the parents attention, and early correction of autism.

Our director speaks about a program of help and education on air of "Golos Stolytsi" radio

Директор нашего садика Наталья Стручек побывала в гостях радио "Голос Столицы" и рассказала о программах помощи детям с аутизмом, доступном обучении и возможностях для детей с аутизмом в нашей стране. Рекомендуем к прослушиванию всем родителям особенных малышей :)

Special project for families – 30% discount for 3 months of education

In 2017 we launch new options for families, which are bringing up children with special needs. Our pre-school`s team has elaborated special project for families, within the frames of which we shall educate families to work with their children at home.  The project provides a family with a unique opportunity to educate a child in the pre-school and at the same time to learn how to WORK WITH OWN CHILD INDEPENDENTLY. Education lasts for 3 months with 30 % discount.

New Year`s magic in our pre-school – photo

It`s impossible to express in words  all those emotions, which feel our children, pedagogues and parents, when New Year`s fairy tale comes to our pre-school. We offer you to enjoy some photos of our festival “Alice in Wonderland” and to share gladness with us.

A New Year Fairy Tale in the December “Autism Today”

Friends! We offer you the New Year`s issue of “Autism Today”, which we`ve devoted to your New Year fairy tales for special children. Surely, the issue could not include all of them, certainly not all of them have been told. But we want to express gratefulness to everyone, who puts heart and soul into children, who rejoices together with them and believes in magic of New Year!

"Алиса в стране чудес" заглянула к нам в гости

22 декабря у нас состоялся новогодний праздник по мотивам известной сказки “Алиса в стране чудес”. Наши воспитанники активно участвовали в развлекательной программе, подготовленной нашими педагогами. Червонная Королева, Безумный Шляпник, Чеширский Кот и конечно же сама Алиса перенесли малышей в увлекательную историю, где каждый перевоплотился в своего персонажа. В новогоднем зале в этот вечер танцевали, пели песни и рассказывали стишки белые Зефирки, сказочные Гномики и другие герои из волшебной истории. Все они подготовили номера для родителей и близких, которые со зрительских мест наблюдали за успехами своих чад. Ну и конечно же в конце праздника всех ждали долгожданные подарки. Праздник прошел в тёплой атмосфере сказки и под звуки бурных аплодисментов родителей своим особенно счастливым в этот вечер деткам. Как тщательно мы готовились - оставим за кадром ;) 

Our Thousand Thanks to PRT company for sweet greeting!

Many thanks to PRT company for sweet congratulation to our children with Saint Nikolay`s Day! We are delighted that our friends traditionally bring joy to our children with gluten- and lactose-free tasty treat for many years! 

Thank you for care and attention!

Thank you for kind words

Friends, we are happy to share with you the kind words addressed to our team. This is always very touching; it motivates our pedagogues to pay more efforts and strength regarding our children, to develop and to be glad even in complicated situations.

Reminder: we have a discount at the dolphinarium!

скидка на дельфинотерапию Киевского филиала дельфинотерапии культурно-оздоровительного комплекса НЕМО

Dear parents, we remind you that our pre-school students have a special discount for the dolphin therapy of the Kiev complex "Nemo.
Dolphin therapy - a non-specific method of recovery and rehabilitation for children with psychosomatic and psycho-emotional issues, built on three basic principles:
- Therapeutic effect on the human from dolphin's presence;
- Specially designed program and animal patient interaction;
- Mobilization of adaptive mechanisms of the human body to the unique conditions of therapy.

Medical examination

плановая диспансеризация в садике для детей с аутизмом

This month our students will pass the planned medical examination at the pre-school.Clinical examination will be conducted by clinical experts from "Dobrobut."
Children will be examined by specialists:  pediatrician, neurologist, ENT, ophthalmologist, surgeon and gastroenterologist or endocrinologist depending on the wishes of the child's parents.Also we offer the opportunity to take tests and make a cardiogram.

Rush should be slow

директор садика для детей с аутизмом

"Rush should be slow " a video-interview with the director of the pre-school about how child with special needs should prepare for a school Natalia Struchek, the director of our pre-school, talks about the school preparations for child with special needs. The most useful advices are based on many years of experience working with special kids from 2 to 8 years old and successful start of studying at school.