Registration for a new school year is open!

Hooray! Graduation party! Our graduates would have ran off of the school with such joyful screams if they`d been a little bit elder 😊  And we feel as gladdened as a little sadness because kids are graduating our pre-school and enter either normative kindergartens or schools, it depends. We’ve achieved a lot together and we are confident that children will reach much more in the future.

We’re opening a new registration for a new school year. Waiting for everyone to pass an interview! Call, ask your questions, come over. Our director Natalia Vitalievna will answer all your questions and will provide a consultation 050 352 90 97.

Special project for families – 30% discount for 3 months of education

In 2017 we launch new options for families, which are bringing up children with special needs. Our pre-school`s team has elaborated special project for families, within the frames of which we shall educate families to work with their children at home.  The project provides a family with a unique opportunity to educate a child in the pre-school and at the same time to learn how to WORK WITH OWN CHILD INDEPENDENTLY. Education lasts for 3 months with 30 % discount.

We still have few available places for 2016-2017 school year

набор в сад для детей с аутизмом на 2016-2017

Dear parents, who are waiting in the queue, and those who are interested! We inform you, that as for today, September 23rd, there are few available places for your children. We advice those willing to book an appointment at 050-352-90-97. An interview will be conducted by pre-school's chairman Natalia Struchok. Presence of the child is a must. See you!


Приглашаем на брифинг посвященный презентации Дорожной карты для родителей детей с аутизмом

1 апреля накануне дня распространения информации об аутизме в 12.00 в «Українських новинах» по адресу ул. Эспланадная, 20, 1 этаж (Киев) состоится пресс-конференция / брифинг «Как попасть в детский сад и школу - дорожная карта для родителей детей с аутизмом», на которой будет представлена Дорожная карта для родителей.

“A fairy tale in the New Year`s forest” at our pre-school

On the 24-th of December we are waiting parents to the New Year performance “A fairy tale in the New Year forest”, which is prepared by our pupils together with pedagogues. Children will visit a real fairy tale inspired by a beautiful animated film “Santa Claus and the Grey Wolf”, which is known by parents with a famous singing "Trouble, trouble! Wolf took away the leverets! ".

On March, 5 will be held a holiday for moms

праздник для мам

Dear moms, grandmothers and sisters! Our pupils together with pedagogues are inviting you for a holiday concert, which will be held on March, 5. And surely, we are waiting for dads and grandfathers! You will be shown a fairy tale “Thumbelina”, dances, songs and verselets. Each kid will take part as far as he can. We are waiting you with a spring mood!!!