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Лицензия сада

About Us

The preschool educational institution "The educational and correctional garden "Children with future” is an exclusive correctional institution for children with the early children's autism (ECA), autistic type features , delay of speech development and psychoverbal development, a hyperactivity (SDVG). This is the sophisticated system of training and education taking into account individual differences and developmental level of each child.

Efficiency of our teaching techniques and study materials is already tried and tested. Using  game like method allows picking a child’s interest and sensitizing him on training. We are not only engaged in training and child development, but we also teach him to communicate with equals in age and manage every day life independently. All our professional activity is intended to empowerment for creative and personal development, to become more bright and clever, to get confidence and skills of independence to each child who gets to the environment of pleasure and love of our kindergarten.

We suggest:

  • Kindergarten working hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 till 18:00;
  • service level of a premium class;
  • team approach for work with each child;
  • work in three directions: behavioural correction, socialization, intelligence;
  • 4 groups (2-6 years): nursery , junior, secondary, senior;
  • no more than 8 children in group;
  • day regimen;
  • individual approach;
  • testing each three months;
  • special diet (non-casein and non-glutein);
  • well- balanced work loads – three lessons before noon and three lessons afternoon;
  • lesson with a social teacher, a psychologist, speech pathologist, logopedist, an art and play-therapy, physiotherapy exercises, music lesson, massage, a magneto therapy;
  • private tuition, tuition in subgroup, tuition in group;
  • celebrate the events;
  • video surveillance;
  • work with parents and recommendations for parents;
  • meetings with foreign experts.

You will be able to be convinced:

Positive dynamics of development – it is REAL!

Children with autism – are TRAINED!

All children want to communicate – it is only necessary to meet their requirements!

Our doors and hearts are always open for you and your children!