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Лицензия сада

Special project for families – 30% discount for 3 months of education

In 2017 we launch new options for families, which are bringing up children with special needs. Our pre-school`s team has elaborated special project for families, within the frames of which we shall educate families to work with their children at home.  The project provides a family with a unique opportunity to educate a child in the pre-school and at the same time to learn how to WORK WITH OWN CHILD INDEPENDENTLY. Education lasts for 3 months with 30 % discount.

Within the frames of Special project a family gets:

-          a child studies at the pre-school from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m during 3 months;

-          30 % discount  for education during 3 months;

-          Individual development program for 6 months: first 3 months are to be realized in the pre-school, later a family works according to the Program independently;

-          Individual consultations for members of a family regarding a child with each specialist of the pre-school during all period of child`s presence at the pre-school (3 months)

Quantity of participants in Project  are limited. Please, register for interview by e-mail: struchek@cwf.com.ua or call 050-352-9097 (Natalia Vitalievna).