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We have a special date today: how we celebrated graduation-2023

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

On July 21, 2023, we celebrate a special holiday – graduation! This day is not just a mark of the end of one more academic year, but a new stage in the life of our children, their parents, and, of course, the entire teaching staff. After all, every family opens a new page of life – for some, it is an ordinary kindergarten, for others, it is a school. And this is a completely different story)

Today we had an enchanting celebration with songs and music, balloons and dancing, children’s art and, of course, the most delicious cake in the world!

Возможно, это изображение клубника, торт и текст

“We are grateful to the parents for their trust, cooperation, and understanding, for developing with us and their children, learning to communicate, understand and help children. We are sincerely grateful to them for their appreciation of our work because this is the most precious reward for us. I am grateful to every specialist in our kindergarten for their work, knowledge, skills, love, patience, professionalism, and dedication. We wish our children and all Ukrainians an interesting and, most importantly, peaceful life,” said Natalia Struchek, director of the kindergarten. 

Возможно, это изображение текст

Our kindergarten is pleased to invite parents raising children with ASD, speech, and psycho-speech delays aged 1 to 6 years to consultations on admission to the new academic year 2023-24. Director Natalia Struchek provides the service. We will be happy to share our unique experience, knowledge and offer the best solution for your child and family.

Currently, our kindergarten is provided with all safety measures – we have our own shelter, which is fully equipped with everything necessary for working with children in wartime. We also have a generator so that no emergency power outages will disrupt the educational process.

For non-residents, we offer individual programs to help children with special needs, which you can learn more about during a consultation.

To get a consultation, please contact Natalia Struchek at 050 352-90-97 or write to

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