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Our news

Professor Inessa Yakubova Academy of Lifelong Learning supports the ‘Child with Future’ kindergarten

On December 5, on the occasion of World Volunteer Day, the Academy of Continuing Education

And we have a holiday today!

Today, November 15, 2023, is our kindergarten’s birthday! We are 13 years old, and our

Thank you for every single second!

Dear Natalia Vitalievna! Dear educators, and teachers, thank you for all the days, for every

Thankfulness to the educators!

A huge thank you to our group teachers Ira and Lisa for their great contribution

Happy Knowledge Day, little Ukrainians, our future

Our kindergarten heartily congratulates little and adult Ukrainians on September 1! We will study diligently

Our kindergarten is waiting for new friends: we are glad to welcome you in the new school year 2023-24!

“Child with Future” is a full-day correctional kindergarten for children with autism, speech and psycho-linguistic