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Full day

The kindergarten has been working since 2010.

The developmental kindergarten for children with special needs “Child with Future” is an exclusive correctional center for children with autism spectrum, delayed speech and psycho-speech development, and hyperactivity (ADHD). It is a well-thought-out system of education and upbringing based on the individual characteristics and level of development of each child.

We work on weekdays from 8.00 to 18.00. Children from 1 to 6 years old are accepted. There are 4 groups – from 8 to 12 children in each, 6 classes a day. There are 50 adults working with the kids and ensuring their comfortable stay.


Our individual, group, and subgroup classes include work with:

We offer each child:

  • a personality-oriented individual development program
  • a balanced number of individual, subgroup, and group classes
  • behavioral correction program
  • development of self-service skills
  • development of academic skills
  • development of socialization
  • health massage
  • dietary food (we cook without adding sugar)

An individual development program is developed for each of our students, according to which individual, group, and subgroup work with the child is carried out.
The territory of the kindergarten is closed. There is a blank fence around the perimeter. Security is provided around the clock.

There is a comfortable bomb shelter and a generator.
There is a system of online access for parents to video cameras of each classroom or group where classes are held. Thus, parents can observe the work with their child, and see his or her achievements and difficulties.


Every 3 months, our children are tested to determine the level of development of the child, and parents receive recommendations for work at home.

More information is in the “For Parents” link.

We accept children who have been abandoned by others. We know how to create and implement a system of correction for your child. We work for results.
To make an appointment for a consultation on the issues of staying in the kindergarten, please contact the director of the kindergarten Natalia Struchek at +38 050 352 90 97 or write to