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Work with the speech pathologist

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

Work of speech pathologist (special educator) is based on study children having development delay, their training, education and social adaptation. First of all, the speech pathologist exposes an origin of a disease, defines cause-effect relations in development of mental functions and studies social and pedagogical living conditions of the child. Pedagogical process of speech pathologist combine with education, child guidance and training. Child guidance means  impact on child by teacher for purpose of socialisation. Education is based on human experience, scientific and cultural values. Training holds by care of occupational specialist who carries out educational, and developing processes within preschool and school training.

Correction and pedagogical work of speech pathologist are based on special pedagogic skills: 1 − focus, integrity and consistency of pedagogical process; 2 − respect to a child personality , at the heart of which is a reasonable exactingness to the child; 3 − systemacity of correctional, preventive and developing tasks; 4 – integration of diagnostic and correction; 5 – consideration of special identity and age peculiarities of a child; 6 – integral use of methods and techniques of correction and pedagogical works; 7 – integration of efforts of social surrounding.


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