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Art therapy

Art therapy is anintervention form of psychotherapy it is based on creativity allowing to reconstruct the conflict situation and find a new conflict resolution by special symbolic form.

In an integrated approach art therapy is one of the most effective correctional methods working with autistic type children. As drawing is the foundation of art therapy, by using it art therapeutic methods give vent to internal conflicts, strong emotions, help to understand own feelings and validation, help with development of creative abilities. The main task of art therapy is to develop self-expression and self-knowledge of a child by means of creativity and increasing adaptive abilities.

An advantage of art therapy over the others correctional developing is that art therapy uses “language” of a visual and plastic expression. It is particularly topical during the work with children and it is an irreplaceable instrument for research, development and harmonization when child can’t put into words his emotional state. The symbolical speech in art therapy is a basis of fine art which helps child to express emotion more precisely, to look at the situation and domestic problem in a new way and find solutions to the issues.Совет


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