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About Us

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

Kindergarten “Dytina z maybutnіm” is the first private exclusive institution in Ukraine for children with a delay in psycho-speech development, autism, alalia and other mental features. We have been working since 2010 and have already released more than 230 children in normative kindergartens and schools, as well as in specialized school educational institutions. More than 700 families received individual consultations from us for working with children outside the kindergarten. The status of a private institution allows us to be most effective and not depend on a very weak and, unfortunately, backward system of state assistance to children with developmental delays and other mental features.

Each child is unique, therefore we use only an individual approach to each child. Regular testing, an individual development program, development monitoring, medical examination, coordination of 12 teachers, 30 lessons per week are the key to the successful development of our students. We also work with children, whom many have refused, because we know how to achieve a result.

Each family can find help with us in one form or another to solve the difficulties of their child.

At the service of parents:

  • full day kindergarten
  • “Our Child” remote development program for those who cannot attend kindergarten for various reasons
  • individual consultations for any family
  • tomatois therapy

You can read more about each service in the “Services” section.

Parents of our pupils are not always ready to speak publicly about the difficulties of their children, however, some of them are still ready to share their experiences. You can find feedback from our parents in the “Our Achievements” section.
Our team is the most valuable asset of our institution. 50 employees every day make the stay of our 36 pupils as comfortable and efficient as possible. You can get acquainted with our team in the “Team” section

Information on the building, daily routine, nutrition, security, parents’ video access to classes is in the “For Parents” section
To schedule a consultation on any issue, please contact the director of our private kindergarten Natalya Vitalievna Struchek 050 352 90 97 or write to
Follow the life of our kindergarten on the @ChildWithFuturePreSchool FB page