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“Do you understand how important it is? Lyova started to show emotions, humaneness”

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

Success stories of any child are a subject of our professional and human pride. But the most important is a stimulus for the majority of parents to believe in their child and themselves.

Polina Poliyakova, mom of Lyova, 5 and half years old, tells about their participation in the program “Nasha dytyna” (Our child) for families from regions:

“We are very pleased with general work of our family and preschool. We were in Kyiv since 18 April till 30 July. My child has significantly changed for better during this period, especially these changes are visible in his behavior in children collective, – and in our native town Lyova has recently entered an ordinary kindergarten. Lev has learnt to interact with other people, he has become a sociable boy, but, what the most important, that we`ve managed to convey to him the understanding of the sense of this work, due to what assiduity appeared in his behavior. Now he can stand 40 minutes of lessons without break. And the main thing is that he realizes his success and this brings joy and self-confidence.

For parents of neurotypical child there is nothing special in eating new products by a child, but for us a real achievement is that son has learnt to eat fruits, recently he tasted berries for the first time, mastered eating and chewing food by himself. After all he has been afraid of food before and eating was a complicated process.
All this happened due to lessons with specialists of the preschool. We’d like to express a special thanks to defectologists, – their contribution is priceless!

Lev tries to write by himself. He has already learnt to dress up and service himself a little bit. These new skills impress and inspire us, parents! But we are also very delighted with that our son is addicted to a book-album where social situations are described. “This is our desk reference, which Lev uses constantly. Do you understand how important it is? Lyova started to show emotions, humaneness.
He started to miss family, parents, and recently, saying good bye to my son and leaving him in at the preschool for the whole day, I’ve heard from him the most valuable words “Mommy, love you and miss you a lot”.

Our family expresses a special thanks to all team of the preschool for this. Many thanks! We’re very glad that once appealed namely to you!”


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