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He has understood the meaning of the word “Mommy”! Story of our pupil Matvey

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

It has occurred that we are at the kindergarten for the third time. We had to interrupt our attendance due to trips home to Donetsk. But starting from February, the road leaded us to the walls of “Child With Future” and we are ready to pay efforts further again.  I want to stress that Matvey was busy with work any place we were. We tried everything it was possible: individual trainings with psychologists, speech therapists, speech pathologists, swimming with dolphins, riding horses, numerous courses of micro polarization, acupuncture, hypoxic, cerebellar stimulation. Not mentioning that son attended trainings in swimming and fitness. Matvey also attended correctional center of ABA-therapy of Yulia Erts. But we have realized that he achieved the best results, being at the kindergarten “Child With Future”. That`s why we have returned here once again.

For the first time Matvey came here aged 2 and a half.

Before this he didn`t spoke, he had weak passive vocabulary, he didn`t used a pointing gesture. Matvey did not play toys according to their intended purpose, didn`t show interest to peers, he hardly noticed anything surrounding him. He didn`t have social skills at all. He was bad in self-service. For example, he was accustomed to toilet approximately at 50/50. He could eat only with the help of an adult. At the kindergarten Matvey stopped wearing diaper right at first day and a month later he visited toilet himself at familiar places and asked for it at unfamiliar ones – he gained skills of self-service. Son learnt to sit at a table by himself and started to eat everything. These matters no longer were a problem. He gained a pointing gesture.  Each day Matvey understood speech better and better, his passive vocabulary was growing.

About a couple of months later he started to speak. And now Matvey started to fill up his active vocabulary.

And although now he still doesn`t have a dialogue speech, he can say and repeat everything, to declare about his desires and needs. His speech is only a set of phrases, but we are confident that soon it will be connected!

Matvey became grown up very fast.  He learnt to fulfill instructions of adults, he could sit at the lessons for 45 minutes, he studied new themes: colors, fruits, vegetables, transport, furniture etc. Son started speaking what he wanted and did not wanted. He realized the meaning of the word “Mommy” and now he knows all his family and can address to everyone.   But before had no idea of that.

Surely, the results, which we gained, were not achieved at once. Everything appeared gradually, but confidently, with small steps we were moving up.

For us it was the point, because it all was being built on his personal potential (Matvey did not take medicine). Everything that he developed himself stayed in his experience. 

He mastered well count and began to read a bit. What is curious – when we were leaving from the kindergarten, son did not studied certain letters, but what he could hear at group trainings – he started to show and repeat at home! 

Generally our Matvey is a very creative boy. He likes everything what is connected to music most of all – he sings almost all children songs from Soviet cartoons. It is a great pleasure for him!

We still face the only problem – absence of interest to children. He studies well, understands everything, but he doesn`t shows interest to play with children. Also if he doesn`t receives any designations, what to speak, what to do – he doesn`t know how to entertain himself.

But we keep studying! Of course, we work with Matvey at home too, because all parents of the kindergarten have “home assignment”, which is obligatory for fulfilling in order to achieve results. 

Our goal is to reach a condition when Matvey will be ready to go to ordinary school at his 7 and only a specialist would be able notice his difference from peers. We believe that in cooperation with kindergarten we`ll succeed.

Now Matvey is 5 years and 8 months

March 2015



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