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“Improvements are visible everywhere gradually”, – tells mom from Kharkiv. Program “Nasha dytyna” (Our child) is in action

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

Autumn is coming, and we receive lots of questions from families with special kids from all over Ukraine. Questions about our programs, opportunities of independent work with autistic child and correction of his behavior.

We always try to convey to parents the importance of independent trainings with a child, self-discipline of parents; though a real progress in development is possible only under guidance of experienced specialists. Thanks to special project “Nasha dytyna” we are opening new opportunities for families who bring up children with autism.

Ekaterina Buriyak, mom of Vladislav, 3 and half years, from Kharkiv, describes her impressions from participation in the program the following way: ”For the time Vlad spent within the prohect he achieved certain success, therefore he will continue his participation starting from September. Improvements are visible everywhere gradually: self-independence, speech has been improved generally, son started to use words speaking not about himself, but for description of the world surrounding him. We are very glad”.

Within the frames of “Nasha dytyna” project, a family gets individual consultations and recommendations of each specialist in addition to the program of development. The individual program of development of a child is designed for 6 months. Specialists of the preschool necessarily accompany the family during the implementation of the program.

The quantity of places for participation in Special Project “Nasha Dytyna” is limited. To register for an interview, please, write to, call 050-352-9097 (Natalia Vitalievna).


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