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Magneto therapy

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

The unit for a magneto therapy “MEATH-MT” is destined for treatment of patients by a low-frequency magnetic field using an optical flow of red and infrared (blue) spectral range.
The magnetic field is well tolerated by the patient. It is very important that practically there are no harmful side effects, and it reduces the list of contraindications for magneto therapeutic procedures. As a result of a magneto therapy emotional tension decreased, sleep recovered, blood circulation and trophism improved, the processes of an exudation and hypostasis are decreased, hypotensive effect appeared.


1. Disorders of psychological development (disorder of speech and language development, disorder of   educational skills development, disorders of motor function development , specific disturbance of mental development)

2.The emotional disturbance and behaviour disorders beginning at childhood and teenage years.

Contraindications: birth abnormality of nervous system (anatomic anomalies), idiopathic fever, cachexia, neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified, hereditary haemolytic anaemia, blood clotting disorder, purpura and other haemolytic states, decompensated diseases of heart, lungs and other internals.

The unit is approved and certified by Ministry of Health of Ukraine by the Public Sanitary and Epidemiologic Service (dd. 18.12.2006)

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