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Masha’s bilingual story – the problem was in autism

We want to introduce you Masha * – she is 2.8, she lives in a bilingual family. When she came to us in a private kindergarten for children with autism 4 months ago, the only person she talked to was her mother. Masha is a smart girl with whom her parents have always tried to do a lot of work, but development, despite even the Montessori school, did not occur.

We met Masha and her family when they came to us for the distance learning program ‘Our Child’. The program gave very good results, and parents were convinced that our systematic approach is very effective in the development of their child. A month after the Program, the parents decided to go to our garden.

Masha was sooooo shy, avoided any contact and lived in her world, did not answer questions and did not play with children. At the very beginning, parents thought that this was due to the fact that it was difficult for her when she spoke two languages in the family, but over time it became clear that this was not the case. And developmental delays, speech problems, and unhealthy isolation are consequences of autism.

More than 4 months of intensive work with our teachers took place. And today, Masha answers all our questions that we ask in Russian, she began to communicate with her Russian-speaking relatives, without losing the ability to communicate with her English-speaking mother. There was a speech and she is happy to play with other children.

Now we are confidently leading Masha to the next stage of development – the stage of awareness, when all the information that she has absorbed will begin to stimulate her to receive even more. And Masha starts asking questions 😊


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