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МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

The important role in recovery treatment of developmental disorder of statiko-motor functions belongs to physical methods of rehabilitation.

Therapist massage– is a method of physical impact on human surface tissues due to which blood circulation, lymphokinesis , metabolic processes in muscles and joints are improved. Impulses from the human tissue which underwent massage, go to pith and brain, correct their functional activity, have an indirect effect on internals condition. There are some types of therapist massage.

Classical massage has four stages:
• effleurage
• grinding,
• petrissage
• vibration.

Effleurage brings calming effect and analgesic end-pint, reduces tonus.

Grinding – is a shifting or stretching skin together with subjacent tissues. It strengthens metabolic processes, blood circulation, helps to reduce a pain syndrome and nerves irritation.

Petrissage causes a vasorelaxation , muscles hypertension, increases their contractility.

Vibration depending on its frequency and force has various effects: tender vibration – raises a muscular tone, strong vibration– reduces a muscular tone, has the analgesic end-point , improves a trophism of muscles and a bone tissue.


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