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On May 16 our kindergarten resumed its work! Without summer holidays. Free places

On May 16, our kindergarten resumed its work and reopened its doors to its children. We are sincerely grateful to the parents who followed our advice and continued to maintain the level of development of the little kids that we work together to cherish.

“We live in challenging times and it’s hard for everyone today. But we have to do everything for our children’s future – that’s the most important thing. Our staff is very happy that the children came back to us without regression and in a stable condition – this is primarily the achievement of the parents. Our staff has been in contact with the families as much as they could for the last 2.5 months, providing advice and helping with all the activities that were possible for the children. But there is no alternative to daily work with children. That is why we congratulate our children in the walls of our kindergarten and expect new ones,” said Natalya Struchek, director of the kindergarten.

At the request of parents, this school year the “Child with Future” kindergarten will work without the summer holidays. We can not afford again a break in education for the kids, and many families will not be able to go on vacation with their children. So we have made arrangements and will enjoy the summer sunshine together all summer long at our kindergarten.

What awaits the children in our kindergarten:

  1. open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m;
  2. 6 hours of learning daily;
  3. dietary meals;
  4. 10 directions of work;
  5. video supervision for parents;
  6. we have taken care of safety – we have a well-equipped and spacious bomb shelter where kids and staff can wait out an air alarm.

We have also restarted our Parents Consultation Service on May 10, 2022. You can make an appointment by calling +38 050 352 90 97 Natalya Struchek, the director of the kindergarten “Child with Future”. 

We look forward to seeing you in our kindergarten! 

Glory to Ukraine! 


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