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Our pre-school has published Questionnaire of child’s development – an instrument, which will promote to create the program of development

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

Friends, we would like to bring to your attention a unique authorial elaboration – the Questionnaire of child’s development. This is an instrument which can be compared with the one we already use in everyday work, and one the basis of which we create an individual program of child’s development. Now any specialist or parent can use this instrument in his work.

“The idea of creation and publication of the Questionnaire emerged when parents frequently started to address us a question: how to conduct classes with a child in order to reach results, but not to tire a child and not to harm him. How to understand that correctional pedagogues work with a child effectively and in a proper way, – says director of a pre-school Natalia Struchek. – We have been asked to give consultations by our colleagues, which work with children with autism, but not always understand what is necessary for a certain child, how to get on the right side of a child, how to organize a correctional lesson. Therefore we made a decision to publish Questionnaire and this way to equip them with an instrument, which will help them in everyday work”.

The goal of the Questionnaire is to determine the phase of child`s development in order to select a program of development for him, to accommodate a load in accordance with his needs and possibilities. An individual program is being formed for a child on the basis of attained results of correlation and age norms – we recommend creating it for six months. The norms of child`s development can found in the Internet. This way, having compared “the norm” according to the age and the index from the Questionnaire, it is possible to get certain goals for works and make a schedule of child’s development.

There is an enclosure to the main Questionnaire, a “Social behavior”, which is aimed to enhance a general situation of development and to form correctional program at behavioral, household and social aspects of a child. If children, which are multifunctional as a rule, which develop academically according to the norm, then there is a colossal problem with their social behavior. The enclosure will help to deal with it.

“The addition “Social behavior” is based on the method of observation and is to be filled in by all specialists which work with a child and have possibility to observe his during the whole day. One should be ready to spend up to two weeks to fill in the Questionnaire, depending on access to a child by different specialists”, – says psychologist of a pre-school Yana Yurchenko, one of co-authors of the elaboration. “Surely, within the frames of the pre-school this process may be fulfilled much faster, than when several separate specialists deal with a child individually”.

Soon we will publish video instruction as regards usage of this instrument for specialists.



The Questionnaire of child`s development and the enclosure are the authorial elaboration of pre-school “Child with future” and it is available for everyone interested free of charge. Link to “Child with future” is compulsory in work with the Questionnaire.

Should you have any questions, please, contact a director of pre-school Natalia Struchek.


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