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We started the spring tests of our children

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

On May 13, we began the traditional testing of your children. The purpose of testing is to assess the progress of the child’s development – his social and academic skills. We estimate how much the child achieved the set goals in development after the last winter testing, how effective the individual development program was. Autism is a difficult diagnosis, according to which there are still no answers to many questions. We know from experience that there are no two identical autists, even if the kid is only 2 yo. Therefore, we pay special attention to investigate the development dynamics with an individual approach to each child.

After the test results, we carry out the correction of your child’s program, assess what worked better, what is worse, on which more effort needs to be concentrated. Teachers hold a series of team meetings, where they discuss only one child, speak out the reasons for success and failure — each from their own specialization. As a result, you will receive detailed information that will help you navigate the organization of work with the child further.

After the summer period, we always conduct testing in the fall, on the basis of which our teachers develop an individual program for your child for the new school year.


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