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Our pre-school and a consulting center was named one of the best projects providing psychological and practical help

МГО "Дитина з майбутнім" | INGO "Child with Future"

During  the press-conference “l`m a Mother of a special child! Why am I happy?” which was held 11 May in Kyiv, participants discussed the state of a family, social climate, mothers` support by members of a family as well as socio-government partnership.

The founder of our Foundation Inna Sergiyenko represented parents of children with autism: “We are delighted that problems of mothers of special children have become the topic of discussion. Unfortunately, there is practically no social and psychological support for families with special children in our country, so all the burden in most cases falls on women’s shoulders. The percentage of divorces is high in such families. This fact complicates the situation. In order to a woman would be happy, it is important for her to know that the future of her child is provided, she must have time for rest, time “for herself”.

One of the organizers is the “Union of Lawyers of Ukraine.”  After the press-conference, in addition to celebration of Mother’s Day at the state level we also suggested them  to initiate the memo of understanding of joint actions, in particular in assisting in drafting bills on support families, which care of special children”. It should be noted that the foundation’s project – a pre-school and a consulting center on its basis – was named one of the best projects among organizations that provide psychological and practical assistance to children and their families in Ukraine

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