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Smart cupboards

In our dressing room each child’s name is indicated on the cupboard. In addition, on each cupboard a reminder is pasted saying what a child can do by himself. What is it? For example, a parent brought a child a little earlier than the teacher came and begins to undress him, while Pasha is already able to take off pants by himself! To prevent such cases we prescribe the most important things on the cupboard. After all, the child can come not with his mother, but a grandmother or a nanny or a sister. And sometimes children do some things on their own in the pre-school only. Therefore, the prompts on the cupboard help mom to understand what to demand from her child at home.

If the child’s passive vocabulary has not yet formed, we will additionally post the list of words, which he is learning. For example, “a cup” and “a chair”. A parent and a pedagogue should pay constant attention to these words until the child learns them.

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